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What’s Happening at TPAAK?


Within a supportive school community, the Academy of Arts & Knowledge offers a robust arts program that complements core academics, fosters critical thinking skills and creates confident, creative individuals with the freedom to reach their full potential. 

Fine Arts: We build confident students who explore, experience, and understand how the Fine Arts of Art, Dance, Music, Theatre, and Writing allow for greater learning and significant personal expression.  Students experience 90 minutes of Art and 90 minutes of Music each week.  Significant Dance, Drama and Writing learning are woven into the daily  curriculum. Numerous extracurricular and enrichment activities are also offered in the arts that augment the student’s learning during the day. 
Fine Arts Electives:
  • K-5 Choir (Dragon Scales)
  • Instrumental & Marching Band
  • Orchestra & Ensemble
  • School Wide Plays
  • Dance Intensives and Explorations
  • Author Night for our Creative Writers
  • Arts Contests, Set Design, Community Murals and more


World Civilization Curriculum: The interdisciplinary world civilization curriculum studies the origins and fruits of all civilizations – the fine arts, math and sciences, and the diverse cultures that emerged from those civilizations.  As each unit ends, we gather together as a community to celebrate the student’s learning with performances that highlight the specific time period and place that the class studied. 
Wellness and Positive Culture: We build a positive culture around our collective ability – students and teachers alike – to Listen, Respect, Give, and Try.  Moreover, we embrace a Wellness Curriculum that brings health, safety, nutrition, and playful cooperation to the students with 2 Wellness classes each week.  Wellness curriculum incorporates our student’s physical health, but also the student’s social and emotional well being.  
Family Centered: As a school of choice, we know that our families come from all over the Front Range and we strive to build a strong community at our school.  Frequent parent/teacher communication, an involved parent body and a small school allows us to engage each family in their child’s learning.  We come together to celebrate and experience the student’s many performances and accomplishments.  

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Upcoming Events

Enrollment Open for 2017-18 School Year.

School Tours/Shadow Days
Call the school to schedule a tour today or try out a shadow day! 970-226-2800

Kindergarten Open Houses (Current Facility: 4512 McMurry Ave)
Feb. 2 - 4pm
Feb. 7 - 5pm
Mar. 2 - 5pm

TPAAK Open Houses (New Facility: 4800 Wheaton Drive)
Jan. 28 - 10am
Feb. 11 - 10am
Feb. 18 - 10am
Feb. 22 - 5pm

Mrs. Amott teaches a science lesson with her kindergarten students on chemical reactions.

The Role of the TPAAK student is to:

  • Act and collaborate as an investigator.
  • Act and collaborate as a researcher.
  • Act and collaborate as an artist.
  • Act and collaborate as a leader.
  • Act as a thinker; considerate of others, perceptive in knowledge, and empathetic in execution.
  • Be a questioner, concerned with knowing more.
  • Be a connector, building a bridge from school to the community.
  • Be a respectful person to others on this collaborative journey.

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The Role of the TPAAK Educator is to:

  • Engage in joint exploration and wonder with students.
  • Build a school community promoting enthusiasm for the arts, sciences, literacy, and world culture and historical understanding.
  • Model a passion for learning and facilitate an equal voice for all students.
  • Dedicate themselves to working collaboratively with colleagues.
  • Actively participate and give diligence to learning and achieving.
  • Explore ways to create a difference in the school community and the community at large.
  • Understand personal learning preferences and styles to achieve academic and artistic success.
  • Give their knowledge on to others