What’s Happening at TPAAK?

Serving Northern Colorado’s Front Range, TPAAK is a public school of choice offering personalized learning and engaging students in the Fine Arts, World Cultural Studies and STEM foundational skills and understandings.

Vision: To engage learners in the love of literacy and a vibrant foundation of the arts, sciences and world cultures.
Mission: To provide a personalized K-5 learning community that respects all student learning styles and diverse capacity, resulting in each student’s foundational and accomplished literacy skills to last a lifetime.
Fine Arts: Through the collaborative efforts of a world-class team of innovative educators – TPAAK builds confident students who deeply understand the heart, head and hands of the Fine Arts.
World Cultures: TPAAK’s interdisciplinary world cultures curriculum studies the origins and fruits of all civilizations – the arts, the sciences, and the cultures therein – resulting in each student’s fundamental and accomplished literacy skills.
Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM): TPAAK has a unique opportunity with its study of world cultures and civilizations to bring alive the STEM contributions through the ages.  Whether Ancient Rome or the Middle Ages, there are abundant opportunities to bring these STEM skills and understandings alive from the past into the present – building each student’s STEM capacity for the future.
Personalized Learning: TPAAK promises to each and every family the highest quality of personalized learning and delivers it through a project-oriented, distinctive interdisciplinary curriculum.
Family Centered: Families are at the center of the vision and mission as everyone at TPAAK is engaged in the life of the school.

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Upcoming Events

Enrollment Open for 2017-18 School Year.

School Tours

Weekdays @ 10am & 1pm

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Mrs. Amott teaches a science lesson with her kindergarten students on chemical reactions.

The Role of the TPAAK student is to:

  • Act and collaborate as an investigator.
  • Act and collaborate as a researcher.
  • Act and collaborate as an artist.
  • Act and collaborate as a leader.
  • Act as a thinker; considerate of others, perceptive in knowledge, and empathetic in execution.
  • Be a questioner, concerned with knowing more.
  • Be a connector, building a bridge from school to the community.
  • Be a respectful person to others on this collaborative journey.

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The Role of the TPAAK Educator is to:

  • Engage in joint exploration and wonder with students.
  • Build a school community promoting enthusiasm for the arts, sciences, literacy, and world culture and historical understanding.
  • Model a passion for learning and facilitate an equal voice for all students.
  • Dedicate themselves to working collaboratively with colleagues.
  • Actively participate and give diligence to learning and achieving.
  • Explore ways to create a difference in the school community and the community at large.
  • Understand personal learning preferences and styles to achieve academic and artistic success.
  • Give their knowledge on to others