School year is July 1-June 30

2017-2018 School Year Board MinutesJuly 12th, 2017 Board Meeting

July 20th, 2017 Board Meeting

2016-2017 School Year Board Minutes

June 8, 2016 Meeting
June 30, 2016 Special Board Meeting
July 15, 2016 Meeting
August 10, 2016 Meeting
September 14, 2016 Meeting
October 12, 2016 Meeting
October 19, 2016 Special Board Meeting
November 9, 2016 Board Meeting
December 14, 2016 Board Meeting
January 11, 2017 Board Meeting
January 25, 2017 Board Meeting
February 8, 2017 Board Meeting
March 8, 2017 Board Meeting
April 12, 2017 Board Meeting
May 18th, 2017 Board Meeting
June 21st, 2017 Board Meeting

2015-2016 School Year Board Minutes

July 1, 2015 Meeting
July 8, 2015 Meeting
July 15, 2015 Meeting
July 22, 2015 Meeting
July 24, 2015 Meeting
July 29, 2015 Meeting
August 5, 2015 Meeting
August 12, 2015 Meeting
August 19, 2015 Meeting
August 29, 2015 Meeting
September 2, 2015 Meeting
September 9, 2015 Meeting
September 17, 2015 Meeting
October 1, 2015 Meeting
October 14, 2015 Meeting
October 25, 2015 Meeting
November 11, 2015 Meeting
December 2, 2015 Meeting
December 9, 2015 Meeting
December 20, 2015 Meeting
January 13, 2016 Meeting
January 15, 2016 Meeting
January 22, 2016 Meeting
February 10, 2016 Meeting
March 2, 2016 Meeting
March 9, 2016 Meeting
March 30, 2016 Meeting
April 13, 2016 Meeting
April 28, 2016 Special Board Meeting
May 11, 2016 Meeting

2014-2015 School Year Board Minutes

August 13, 2014 Meeting
September 10, 2014 Meeting
October 08, 2014 Meeting
November 17, 2014 Meeting
December 10, 2014 Meeting
January 14, 2015 Meeting
January 16, 2015 Meeting
February 11, 2015 Meeting
March 4, 2015 Meeting
March 11, 2015 Meeting
March 26, 2015 Meeting
March 29, 2015 Planning Session
April 8, 2015 Meeting
April 10, 2015 Special Meeting
April 20, 2015 Special Meeting
April 29, 2015 Special Meeting
May 6, 2015 Executive Session
May 13, 2015 Board Meeting
June 17, 2015 Board Meeting
June 22, 2015 Special Meeting
June 24, 2015 Special Meeting
June 30, 2015 Special Meeting
On 6/30/15 the Board voted via email to adopt 4 resolutions related to meeting end of the 2014/15 fiscal year state requirements. Please contact our Business Manager regarding any specific questions.

2013-2014 School Year Board Minutes

2012-2013 School Year Board Minutes

2011-2012 School Year Board Minutes

2010-2011 School Year Board Minutes

2009-2010 School Year Board Minutes

2008-2009 School Year Board Minutes





TPAAK Grievance Policy


For a copy of the TPAAK Board Application, please contact our front office.

The TPAAK Board of Directors is the governing body for the Academy. Their regular public meeting is the second Wednesday of every month at 4pm. Additional meetings are occasionally scheduled and all meeting agendas are posted at least 24 hours in advance of the meeting in the atrium at the front of the building on the window of Room 101A. Meeting dates and times are subject to change with notice. Click here for board resolution for notice of posting for board meetings. To contact the Board please email us at


Samuel Kornfeld (Chair) at one time had a child enrolled at TPAAK. She now goes to CEC. Sam grew up in Fort Collins and graduated from Fort Collins High School. Mr. Kornfeld received a bachelor’s degree from Colorado State University and a law degree for the University of Wyoming. He was admitted to practice law in Colorado and Wyoming. Mr. Kornfeld also served on the Board of Directors for Poudre Golden K- Kiwanis Club from 2013 to 2015 and maintains close interaction with the clubs current board. Mr. Kornfeld works as a deputy in Weld County and in private law practice with a small group of clients. Mr. Kornfeld joined the Board in 2012 and was appointed Board Chair in 2015.

To contact Sam:

Joel Manguso (Treasurer) also had two children attending TPAAK. Born and raised in Kremmling, CO, Joel moved to Northern Colorado to attend Aims Community College where he received two Associate Degrees in Fire Science and Fire Suppression in 2003. He has ten years of experience in management, and currently, is the Operations Director for Zinga Frozen Yogurt as well as going back to school to become a mathematics teacher. Joel keeps busy coaching and playing ice hockey with his kids in the winter and baseball in the summer.

To contact Joel:

Michael Kilbon (Board Member) is a parent of a second grader attending TPAAK. He currently works at UCHealth performing a number of tasks related to helping employers fund their own health related benefits programs. As an employee of the benefits administrator, United Medical Alliance, for over a decade prior to its purchase by UCHealth, he oversaw the technology department before assuming overall operations responsibility. Before moving west, Michael was a budget analyst for Hartford Life. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics.

To contact Michael:

Rhiannon Walser (Board Member) is the newest member of the board and a mother of a first grader. After moving from Montana to Northern Colorado at a young age she later graduated Thompson Valley High School. She enjoys serving her community by working with children and enjoys volunteering throughout the week at TPAAK.

To contact Rhiannon: