The Academy of Arts and Knowledge aims to be the best charter school in Fort Collins, providing our students with a unique educational environment that encourages students to reach their maximum potential. In part one of our blog series, we shared a few traits that are shared by gifted students. Wrapping things up in part two, here are a few more examples of things to look for if you think your child may be gifted.

Shows Skill In Art, Drama and Music

With the accessibility to media easier than ever, it’s common to find children who exhibit an interest in the arts. The difference with a gifted child, of course, has to do with their level of interest and skill in a particular area. As we mentioned in our previous post, one quality that gifted children tend to have is an intense focus and interest in one particular area. Oftentimes, this area of interest can be art, drama, music or another creative pursuit. While other kids may want to do other activities like sports or spending time outdoors, gifted children who gravitate toward more artistically minded interest have a tendency to want to spend their time honing their skills and developing their craft. With this in mind, The Academy of Arts and Knowledge in Fort Collins may be the perfect fit for your child, as in addition to offering a Gifted/Talented program here, our main focus and passion is the arts and creativity. Our robust curriculum is one that nurtures the development of these sorts of skills, so if your child has a tendency to prefer more creative interests, they may very well be gifted.

Self Taught Skill

Going hand in hand with the above point, another sign of a child possibly being gifted can come in the form of their own creative drive. Children who show a skill and inclination towards artistic pursuits like visual art, music and drama may very well gifted, and if you have a child who has developed these skills independently, this may also be a sign of having a gifted child. While some children are able to develop these sorts of skills through taking art classes, private music lessons or stage acting classes, other kids have a drive to develop these skills to the point of simply teaching themselves how to do so. While they may not have the benefits that others who received formal instruction may enjoy, this is is also a sign of having true and natural talent. Formalities can come later, and natural talent isn’t something that can be taught. A child that takes instruction into their own hands and decides to teach themselves a skill may very well be gifted.

Enroll Your Child in a Fort Collins Charter School

Those are just a few more examples of traits that gifted students exhibit. At The Academy of Arts and Knowledge in Fort Collins, we offer a Gifted/Talented program for students like this, ensuring that all of our students are provided with an educational environment that encourages their growth and success. To learn more about our Fort Collins charter school, get in touch with us today.