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Homeschool Program

Many parents are looking for the same solution: a way to provide the best education for their children.  More and more families are finding that homeschooling their children is the right choice for their children.

TPAAK recognizes the importance of homeschooling and the role that families have in their children’s education. Our school can provide additional resources and support for your homeschooled child.  By working together with families, we help provide an environment for each child to thrive in and prepare for the world.

We invite your homeschooled child to participate in our eight-hour per week on-site schedule including Art, Drama, Music, Wellness, World Civilizations Studies or various core subjects.  We offer flexible times to supplement the needs of individual homeschool programs as long as students attend any 8 hours a week.

Fill out the form below for more information or call us at 970-226-2800!  For more resources for homeschooling in Colorado, click here.